Alcohol & Decision-Making
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Researchers at Reed College want to understand how drinking & gender dynamics can affect decision-making in social situations for young adults. Join our remote study!
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Help researchers learn more about how young adults make decisions around alcohol in social situations.

Past research has revealed that there can be a relationship between alcohol use and gender dynamics. For example, heavy episodic drinking is more common for males than females in the 18-25 age group, and mixed-gender groups tend to drink more than single-gender groups. Also, women may be more careful and make different decisions when drinking socially than men do.

However, this research has typically focused on cisgender identities (i.e. men vs. women), and less is known about how other combinations of gender identities in groups affect alcohol consumption. This study aims to specifically include gender diversity in order to develop better-targeted prevention strategies for problematic alcohol consumption.

Help our researchers investigate how groups of young adults with diverse gender identities make decisions about alcohol. Join our study!
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