Assisting Veterans
Suffering from PTSD
A research study through VA San Diego investigating the effect of medication to help with PTSD
Conducted in
San Diego, CA
Compensation Provided
Are Eligible
Between 18 to 55 Years Old
Fast Facts
About our research:
This study is investigating the effect of the medication methylphenidate on brain processing in individuals with combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder.
Methylphenidate is an FDA approved medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder but is not an FDA approved treatment for PTSD. Administration of methylphenidate in this study is intended for research purposes only and is not intended as a treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder or any other clinical condition.

By doing this study, we hope to learn more about the brain chemistry and brain regions involved in symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, with the ultimate goal of helping develop better and more targeted treatments. This study is being funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
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