Dengue Vaccine
Research Study
Help researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) better understand protection against dengue. Help make better dengue vaccines, and join our compensated study today!
Compensation Provided
Conducted in Bethesda, MD
History of dengue infection OR lived in/traveled to a region where dengue infection is common OR never had dengue or lived in/traveled to locations where dengue infection is common
18 - 59
Years Old
Fast Facts
About Our Research Study
Participate in a compensated research study that will help researchers at the NIH understand how previous dengue infection impacts vaccine responses.
Did you know that millions of cases of dengue infection occur worldwide each year?

Dengue fever (also called dengue hemorrhagic fever) is a mosquito-borne illness that occurs in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. A severe case of dengue fever can cause serious bleeding, a sudden drop in blood pressure, or death.

By taking part in our research study, you can help us make better dengue vaccines that may be used to prevent the virus. Join our compensated study today!
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