Brain Reactivity Study for Smokers & Non-Smokers
Researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center want to learn more about brain reactions in smokers and non-smokers. Join our compensated study today!
Conducted in Houston, TX
Compensation Provided
Non-Smokers (Do Not Smoke Cigarettes)
Smokers (Smoke Cigarettes Daily)
Fast Facts
21+ Years Old
Study Background
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is investigating how the brain responds differently to food reward cues and how this relates to eating.

For this study, our researchers are partnering with individuals in two groups: daily smokers (who smoke cigarettes every day) and nonsmokers (who do not smoke cigarettes). Over the course of the study, participants will be asked to complete questionnaires, have an EEG brain scan, and complete an easy task.

Further brain activity research and join our compensated study today!
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