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Prediabetes Study
Researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine are recruiting adults with prediabetes in a research study to test how well a change in lifestyle behaviors could help improve their health.
18-75 Years of Age
Not Being Treated With Diabetes Medication
Diagnosis of Prediabetes
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An estimated 96 million adults have prediabetes. Researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine are conducting a research study to see how well changing lifestyle behaviors could help people with prediabetes monitor and manage their activity, nutrition, weight, and other measures to improve their health and possibly prevent diabetes.

Participants who enroll in the study will be asked to complete 3 study visits over the course of 12 months. Home visits are an option! We are testing two types of diabetes prevention programs, one involving a human coach and the other involving a digital app. Participants will also be asked to wear an activity tracker and be involved in a health care program.

See if you qualify and help further research on prediabetes! Participants will be compensated.
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