Diabetes Research Study at Boston University School of Medicine

We are currently seeking individuals with Type 2 Diabetes to examine the effects of diabetes on blood vessel health.

The study will involve one study visit (optional second study visit for second cell collection) lasting 2-3 hours with the following procedures:
  • blood pressure measurements
  • non-invasive vascular measurements
  • blood draw
  • placement of intravenous catheter in the arm and collection of cells lining the blood vessel using a soft-tipped wire placed through the catheter
  • there may be administration of a small tablet of nitroglycerin, given under the tongue to measure blood vessel dilation
Compensation: $125 gift card for main study and $75 for optional second cell collection

You may be eligible if you:
  • are between the ages of 30-80
  • have type 2 diabetes that is controlled with medications
  • HAVE NOT been hospitalized for heart disease in the past month
  • DO NOT have cancer undergoing treatment, advanced kidney disease, advanced liver disease, a history of pancreatitis or are currently pregnant
If you believe you fit these criteria, please complete the screening form below.

You are being asked to voluntarily give us some information to see if you might qualify to be enrolled in a research study. We are asking you to be in this study because you have type 2 diabetes that is controlled with medications. We are doing the research study to determine whether endothelial cells are different in patients with type 2 diabetes compared to healthy volunteers. If you agree, we will ask you to complete a form about your demographic information and personal health history.

If you are eligible to participate in the study, we will retain your name and contact information in order to contact you and verify your eligibility to participate. If you are not eligible to participate in the study, we will only retain your information until the screening procedure is completed.
Saying yes to this screening does not mean you have to agree to be in the study. If you have any questions, you can contact the study team at chustudy@bu.edu or at 617-358-7542.

Do you agree to complete the brief screening form below to see if you may qualify for this research study?