Menopause & Psychosis
Research Study
Researchers at Yale University are investigating risk factors leading to psychosis in menopausal women. Join our compensated study!
Study Based in New Haven, CT
Compensation Provided
Early Menopause transition
Delusions, Hallucinations, or Disorganized Speech
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About Our Research Study
Are you experiencing new-onset psychosis in your menopause transition?
Some women find as they enter menopause that they start to have unusual thoughts or experiences, like delusions, hallucinations, or disorganized speech. Our research seeks to better understand the risk factors that contribute to menopause-associated psychosis. In particular, we will examine hormone levels, symptomatology, past history, natural language processing, task performance, and electrophysiological and neuroimaging markers.

Your participation in this study could help advance research on menopause and psychosis. Join today!

Yale HIC# 2000033772

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