Heart Health Doula Research Study
Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh want to evaluate a doula support program for women with high blood pressure during pregnancy. Join our research study today!
Conducted in Pittsburgh, PA
Compensation Provided
Pregnant or postpartum
Fast Facts
diagnosed with High Blood Pressure During pregnancy
Study Background
Mothers who have high blood pressure during pregnancy have two times higher chance of heart disease and stroke after childbirth. Having a baby can make it hard for new moms to take care of themselves. This is especially true for moms who are recovering from high blood pressure in pregnancy.

A postpartum Doula can support mom AND baby as you recover after delivery. We hope you join our research study to help us learn if providing heart health doula support to new moms improves your health.

If you take part in our study, some women will receive education and self-monitoring of blood pressure, other women will receive education, self-monitoring of blood pressure and heart health doula support after delivery. This is decided at random, like flipping a coin.
Support with errands such as picking up medications or groceries.
Social Support, like a chance to connect with other moms.
What is a Heart Health Postpartum Doula?
A heart health postpartum Doula will offer:
Infant care and self-care, including infant feeding
Education on blood pressure cuff use and tips for blood pressure monitoring.
Meal prep, diet, and exercise ideas.
Our research study has partnered with a local community organization, Healthy Start. They will provide the postpartum Doulas for this study.

Participating in this research study may help you and can help future moms like you learn more about how to stay healthy and take care of your new baby. Join our research study today!
A heart health postpartum doula provides physical and emotional support to you after you have a baby and can help you bring any concerns to your medical team.
Stress management.
What is high blood pressure during
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