Thank you for your interest in LinkPositively! Please read the information below about the study. Then, you can choose respond to the questions in this survey to see if you are eligbile.

LinkPositively is a mobile health application to help Black women living with HIV/AIDS improve their HIV care and overall wellbeing by providing access to one-on-one discussions with peers, a peer support network, and other features.

The LinkPositively study is being conducted by Drs. Jamila Stockman and Keith Horvath, researchers at UC San Diego and San Diego State University. We are currently recruiting English speaking Black women living with HIV who also reside in the San Diego and Los Angeles, and Northern California areas.

Should you choose to choose to join the study, your participation will last for six months, with three total research "visits". Your first study visit would be in-person in the next few days. Your second visit is three months later, but over video, and your third visit is three months after the second visit, over video. Each visit will last a total of one-hour, including a 45-minute survey. At each visit we will also give you a kit with instructions on how to collect hair samples. At the first visit we will show you how to collect hair, and after the other video visits, we will ask you to collect hair at home, which our staff will then collect from you. If you complete: the first study visit, you will receive $25; the second video visit, you will receive $30; and the third video visit you will receive $40. For each set of hair samples, you will also receive $25. If you complete all study activities (3 visits, 3 hair samples), you will receive an extra $10. Your total compensation for completing all parts of the study will be $180. We can provide you this compensation in the form of cash.