Eczema & Dupixent
research study
Researchers at Stanford University are investigating the effects of Dupixent in the treatment of atopic dermatitis. Volunteers aged 18 to 65 who are treating their atopic eczema with Dupixent are invited to join.
Study conducted at Redwood City, CA
Compensation Offered
Treating with dupixent
18-65 years old
Quick Overview
Diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis
Study Background
Our researchers want to investigate causes of an adverse reaction to Dupixent in people being treated for eczema.

In rare occasions, individuals with atopic eczema who are treated with Dupixent may develop a new skin eruption on their face and/or neck. This study aims to find potential causes of this reaction.

If you are using Dupixent to treat your eczema and you have noticed a new rash or worsening dermatitis on your face and/or neck, you may be eligible for the study group. If you are using Dupixent to treat your eczema and you have been responding well to treatment, without new rash or dermatitis, you may be eligible for the control group.

Participating in this research study may help researchers develop better treatment strategies for eczema. Join our compensated study today!
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