Researchers at BIDMC are testing a program to investigate if healthy groceries lower blood pressure in Black adults. Join our study and receive compensation OR 12 weeks of free groceries!
GoFresh: Groceries for Black Residents of Boston to Stop Hypertension
Conducted in Boston, MA
Receive 12 Weeks of Groceries OR $1500
18+ Years Old
Fast Facts
Identify as Black or African American
Study Background
Over half of Black adults have high blood pressure, more than any other racial group in the US. High blood pressure increases the risk of heart disease and early death. A healthy eating pattern has been shown to lower blood pressure.

Our research program, GoFresh, aims to test if eating low-salt groceries rich in fruits and vegetables can lower blood pressure in Black adults.

We are looking for individuals who live in Boston area communities with a lower number of grocery stores and who might be interested in participating.

Your participation may help others in the future as a result of the information gained from this research. Join our study today and receive free groceries for 12 weeks or compensation for your time.
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