Alcohol Use
research study
Researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles are partnering with individuals to investigate a treatment that could help reduce drinking. Join our compensated study today!
Conducted in Los Angeles, CA
Compensation Provided
No other drug use (besides marijuana)
21+ years old
Fast Facts
Seeking treatment for alcohol use
Study Background
Our researchers want to examine a potential treatment for alcohol use disorder.

UCLA, in collaboration with the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, is conducting a study to test oxytocin nasal spray as a possible treatment for alcohol use disorder.

Oxytocin is a human hormone that acts on the brain. It is approved by the FDA as an injectable to create contractions in pregnant women and control bleeding after childbirth, but it is also thought to affect social connections. Oxytocin is not approved by the FDA for the treatment of alcohol use disorder but is being studied because oxytocin is thought to help control the anxiety and craving that often results when one stops drinking alcohol. This may aid someone trying to reduce their drinking.

Participating in this research study may help researchers develop better treatments for alcohol use disorder. Further research and join our compensated study today!
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