Pregnancy & Cannabis
Use Research Study
Brown University is partnering with women 12-25 weeks pregnant to develop a physical program designed to help decrease cannabis use. Join our compensated study today!
Conducted in Providence, RI
Weekly Cannabis Use 3 Months Before Pregnancy
12 - 25 Weeks Pregnant
18+ Years Old
Fast Facts
Study Background
Research suggests that prenatal cannabis use is linked to poorer health outcomes for both mother and baby. Some women may use cannabis to help with depression, anxiety, and physical symptoms that come with pregnancy. Our study aims to address these symptoms with a physical activity program specifically designed for pregnant women. We hope that this 12-week program will also decrease cannabis cravings.

Women enrolled in our program will be provided with support and advice for gradually increasing their physical activity during pregnancy. All participants will also receive a small, easy-to-use physical activity monitor to help keep track of daily exercise and access to an app to track their feelings.

Join our program and help researchers develop better interventions to help pregnant women manage their symptoms and make healthy choices!
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