Compensated Alcohol Use Research Study
Help researchers at Brown University better understand young adults' drinking experiences and attitudes towards different substances. Join our study today!
Conducted in Providence, RI
Up to $1,026 in Compensation Provided
18 - 29 Years Old
Drink Alcohol
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Own a Smartphone
Help researchers learn more about the experiences young adults have with alcohol and cannabis in their everyday life.
Researchers at Brown University are interested in understanding substance use behavior (particularly alcohol and cannabis use behavior) in daily life among young adults. This study is focused on what is happening around people when they engage in certain behaviors (i.e., heavier drinking, mixing alcohol and cannabis), and what happens to individuals after they engage in these behaviors. This study will employ a new, wrist-worn sensor device to measure alcohol use.

Findings from this study may contribute to more resources for young adults. Further research today and join our compensated study!
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