PTSD Treatment Research Study
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania want to learn more about how a new treatment benefits women experiencing symptoms of PTSD. Join our compensated study today!
Research Conducted in Philadelphia, PA
Compensation Provided
PTSD Symptoms
18 - 45 Years Old
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About Our Research Study
Help researchers at the University of Pennsylvania determine if taking estradiol (a form of estrogen) together with Prolonged Exposure (PE) therapy benefits women experiencing symptoms of PTSD.
PE is a first-line, evidence-based talk therapy that focuses on helping individuals with PTSD process memories of trauma. Previous findings have shown that the hormone estrogen facilitates people learning not to fear things they had feared before. This study will evaluate whether supplementing PE therapy with estradiol pills improves fear extinction outcomes in women with PTSD.

Study participants will receive PE therapy at no cost and may see a reduction in their symptoms.

Join our compensated study and help find better treatments for PTSD today!
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