We are seeking people who have HIV and drink alcohol for an online research study. We are doing the research study to see if an online program is helpful for thinking about the risks of alcohol use. If you agree to be screened for the study, we will ask you to answer questions about your health, physical activity, pain, and drinking habits along with providing your contact information.

Whether you qualify for the study and decide to join or if you do not qualify or decide not to join the study, your answers to the screening questions in this form, including your identifiable information that allows us to contact you, will be stored in a password-protected database available only to our research team. When we complete the study, we will keep your answers and eliminate any identifying information.

Answering our screening questions does not mean you have to agree to be in the study when someone from the study team contacts you. If you have any questions, you can contact our research team at archerBU@bu.edu or 617-991-7870.