Cocaine Use Treatment Study
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania want to evaluate the effectiveness of a medication for reducing cocaine cravings in frequent cocaine users. Help advance clinical research and join our study today!
Conducted in Philadelphia, PA
Compensation Provided
18-70 Years old
Cocaine User
Fast Facts
About Our Research Study
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are conducting a placebo-controlled research study to evaluate whether a medication called clavulanic acid can reduce cocaine use and craving in individuals who use cocaine frequently.
A placebo-controlled study is a type of scientific investigation where participants are randomly assigned (like flipping a coin) to receive either the experimental treatment or a placebo, which is an inactive substance that has no therapeutic effect. The purpose of placebo-controlled studies is to determine the effectiveness of the treatment medication by comparing it to the placebo group.

In this study, participants will be randomly assigned to receive either clavulanic acid or a placebo. You won't know which group you are assigned to.

Join our compensated study and help find better treatments for cocaine use disorder today!
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