Sleep, Memory, and mood problems?
Researchers at Stanford are looking for adults ages 50-90 for a study on how sleep and brain circuits relate to emotion. We hope to learn whether improving sleep can also improve mood in people with memory difficulties. Help advance clinical research and join our study today!
Living Within 60 Miles of Stanford, CA
Compensation Provided
50-90 years old
Quick Overview
Experiencing Sleep, Mood, and Memory Difficulties
Study Background
Our researchers want to learn more about the associations between sleep, memory, and emotions.

Sleep is essential for a number of brain functions, including memory and mood regulation. In this research study, we hope to learn whether sleep quality may be an important factor in improving brain function and reducing mental health symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, and irritability, in adults with memory problems.

Participating in this research study may help investigators to develop better therapies for brain function and memory impairment in the future. Join our compensated study today!
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